The BEST benefit ever offered to Fire Service.


We are experts in the world of RISK!

Every day you put it all on the line to protect the citizens in your community. In order to save lives, sometimes it means you risk yours.

Now it’s our turn to protect you.

It is our job to ensure that our heroes have the very best protection available for themselves and their families. We are committed to providing the best possible coverage at the absolute best price.

We were tasked to create the best benefits available to protect the greatest risks in the fire service community, and we delivered! Living Benefits coverage is designed to fill the void that traditional supplemental coverage does not, and many times for the same cost or less. In addition to a death benefit, these policies provide a “Cash Safety Net” if you suffer from a serious critical or chronic illness*. This can help to replace your income and pay other bills and expenses while your recover to become fit for duty.

We have over 20 years of experience in managing risk.

We understand that your biggest risk is suffering an illness or injury that results in lost time from work. The number #1 cause of Bankruptcy in the US is the negative financial impact that results from losing income for an extended period of time. If your existing policy does not offer living benefits, it should. Give our experts a call for a free policy review.

This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Insurance!

What it Covers

Traditional supplement coverage can cover cancer, critical illnesses, and some chronic illnesses. The problem is that in order to cover those risks, you must buy separate policies for each one and it can become very expensive. Also, the initial cash benefit available is typically limited to $7,500 or $25,000. This may help with short term expenses and high insurance deductibles but does very little to replace your income in the event of an extended illness. Needless to say, NO supplemental benefit on the market provides the very important death benefit. Living Benefits provides protection from each of these risks!

How it Works

In the case of a critical or chronic illness, your policy gives you the option to accelerate a portion of the death benefit as a tax-free, lump sum payment.  This is not a loan. The amount accelerated reduces the remaining death benefit by the cash payment you receive.  Your premium payment is then adjusted lower to reflect the remaining death benefit.

We highly recommend that you review your existing policy for living benefits. We are happy to provide a no-cost review to make sure your greatest asset is covered- YOU!

*See FAQ for more details


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