The BEST benefit ever offered to Fire Service.


We asked the most respected professionals in fire service what the absolute best protection would look like for Firefighters. We listened, and then went to work to build the best policy available!

Living Benefits policy features:

  1. Affordable and budget friendly
  2. Covers ALL cancers
  3. Protects the team both on AND off duty, active or retired
  4. Payroll deduction available
  5. Quick and easy application
  6. Policy is portable

First Choice Living Benefits is proud to be the industry leader providing coverage to protect those who protect us.

We offer the best coverage available to protect our heroes!

First Responder Living Benefits Pricing:

Age$350k, 30 Year Guarantee
Through Age 30, Female$5.53 Weekly
31-35 Year Old Female$6.64 Weekly
36-40 Year Old Female$9.07 Weekly
41-45 Year Old Female$14,07 Weekly
50 Year Old Female (20 Year Only)$19.21 Weekly
Age$350k, 30 Year Guarantee
Through Age 30, Male$6.81 Weekly
31-35 Year Old Male$7.95 Weekly
36-40 Year Old Male$11.20 Weekly
41-45 Year Old Male$17.24 Weekly
50 Year Old Male (20 Year Only)$26.64 Weekly

Living benefits protection compared to traditional supplemental insurance:

DetailsCoverage: Living BenefitsCoverage: Traditional Supplemental
PriceUnder $40 monthly for $350k in Living and Death Benefit Average $42 month for Cancer and Critical Illness Policy
Death BenefitYesNo
Critical CoverageYesOnly with additional policy
Chronic CoverageYesOnly with additional policy

“Best Class Pricing, Non-Tobacco”

Policy Highlights:

*Cover all Cancers and 17 other Critical and Chronic Illnesses

*24 Hour, 365 Day Protection- On or Off duty!

* Day 1 coverage after approval

*Portable- Policy follows you anywhere

*Guaranteed rates

*Pre-existing condition qualify